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Mat Rempit

 'Mat Rempit' 
Azlina Ruzlan

“Mat Rempit” is a term to motorcyclist involved in illegal racing, usually with a bike or scooter. It was a teenage social problems in Malaysia now. “Minah Rempit” can be so is a female rider or girlfriend “Mat Rempit”. Although most often raced “Mat Rempit”, some are just as dangerous to ride on the road. They usually a team and will race in the middle of the city on weekend nights. Many motorcycles used of them do not meet standards, or have been modified by many. Even the members of group were not having a valid license, do not pay road tax and a stolen bike.
Today, the park has been converted into residential circuit by them. Estimated that in Malaysia there are about 200 000 “Mat Rempit”. “Mat Rempit” term is also used in Singapore and Indonesia for the same purpose. They played at dusk, night or after returning from working parents. These teens steal motorcycle keys or provide reasons to buy goods in shops nearby or go to the night market. Parents do not realize his son can go a long way up to Kuala Lumpur. They also played in the midst of a crowded car in Kuala Lumpur to get people’s attention. In Kuala Lumpur is a popular highway that has not been completed have killed several teenagers.
Let’s us see how they ride? They also observed riding techniques and change from time to time. The danger, the audience applause, and they feel proud to be a champion. The techniques such as Willi, lie down, stand up and so forth. What is the challenge for them? A difficult road is at dangerous bends, potholes, wet, racing against the current, without a headlight and accept the challenge of friends, enemies and the public. They are willing do die. They would even dare to die was seriously injured while racing. When racing, they will be closed ayes, light motorcycles and motorcycles are closed against the current road. They certainly were under the influence of drugs such as cocaine, ice. When they thought of racing “snake” or enemies “aliens” who should be opposed relentlessly. They are there to be a hero to kill the enemy. They have no personal protection such as boots, thick trousers, knee pad, helmet or life insurance.
If we are see a roadblock, we will be drive or ride carefully. But, if they meet a roadblock or police traffic they feel more enjoyable. They will turn back against the current if there is restriction of the police. Some also crashed into the roadblock. They also ignored to the police traffic who were armed with pistols and wooden batons. Some of the parents and public will blamed the police if the recourse to violence, such as kicking a fast-moving motorcycle. There are also cases where police who threw wood on the fast-moving tires to escapes. Efforts to provide the police traffic roadblocks and monitor the movement of them as if lightly until there is a restriction vehement held.  “Mat Rempit” cunning identify safe roads also cause these people that allegedly acclaimed wise escape the surveillance authorities. In fact, the police themselves have become victims of actions of them in which a policeman was injured and killed in operations against the “Mat Rempit”. What reward they will get? They usually consist of them ,teenagers who are still schooling using motorcycles parents or their brothers. They were riding a motorcycle without a valid driving license. They compete with each other sometimes get the rewards in the form of money and girls as a bet. To increase the speed of the motorcycle, piston, brakes, handlebars, tires and other adjustment.
Here are some facts that why they interested to involved? Most probably want to try. It also influence of friends. They do not have control or attention from their parents. Otherwise, they couldn’t have enough love. Once they lack of love, they will spend their time and leisure together outside the house. To show their protest, they like to get extreme satisfaction to show off.  They might be  has low level of education.
Once they involved in this problem, automatically they have done some of the crime cases. The crime cases are might be gangsterism, piracy group, fighting each other among the group, theft, bullying, rape, free sex and drugs and alcohol.
How are we as a good citizen can help them? We should calling those involved in illegal motorcycle racing activities as “Mat Rempit”. Mohamad Hussain said, to give the tittle to them, people will feel more head and encourage them to continue their behaviour more frequently and arrogant. The youth involved in illegal motorcycle races to seek attention and label “Mat Rempit” given to them will make them more fun and consider it as a license or recognition by society of their activities.
As with other social problems, the role of parents is crucial to the success of any effort to address the problem. Apart from imposing stern action against “Mat Rempit”, the same action towards their parents or used motorcycle owners a can also help to address this problem, if not help prevent symptoms from becoming worse. Social activist, including non-governmental organizations (NGO’S) also have a role to achieve the objective version of the fix. If anything, of course, this problem is rapidly deteriorating and the integration of all parties is the key that will solve all these problems.





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